Richard Broome


BSc (Hons) MRICS FAAV is a utility asset specialist. As the Managing Director of the LSBUD (Linesearch BeforeUdig) service in Great Britain, over the past four years he has built the company’s portal so that today it manages over 2.5 million third party enquiries per annum and protects almost half of the UK’s underground utility infrastructure. His role includes consultation and networking with a wide variety of utility asset owners as well as all types of third parties from Statutory Undertakers to private individuals and Government organisations. Richard is also Head of Infrastructure Services at Fisher German LLP, and during his career he has managed the underground fuel pipeline network owned and operated by Mainline Pipelines Ltd. Richard, a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor, has won a number of awards including the Pipeline Industries Guild Sir John Parker Presentation Competition and the National Joint Utilities Group Award for Avoiding Damage to Underground Assets. He leads the Data and Reporting Group of the Utility Strike Avoidance Group, producing the annual Utility Strike Report and increasing awareness of utility strikes across the UK.