Manuel Rubio Sampedro


Manuel Rubio Sampedro is an ICT expert in one of the fundamental areas of CTCR, Industry 4.0. This Technical Engineer in Computer Management is a proven professional with proven experience as a .Net and Web developer, also in applications creation, programming, development of image processing techniques, 3D modelling, augmented reality, etc. He has worked on numerous R+D projects linked to the aforementioned strategic technological lines, but has especially acquired a large part of his expertise in designing personalised RFID system solutions for multiple industries, showing how to improve the efficiency of processes and integrate information into the client’s management system. In this regard, he has a great ability to provide the most appropriate ad-hoc design to the needs and investment capacity of the customer.

During this time, he has participated in various events as a speaker and expert lecturer on topics related to everything that covers the Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Automation, Mechanics, etc.