How Digital Transformation is Accelerating EHS Operational Excellence

Today’s businesses need purpose-built digital technologies that facilitate a range of operations – from ensuring mandatory compliance to managing diverse organisational risks and everything in between.

Digital transformation plays an impactful role in shaping practices and processes that break down silos and harmonise EHS operations. For this to happen, businesses need technology where all EHS data threads and activities can be gathered on a single, unified platform that provides a robust foundation for achieving operational excellence.

Join Intelex on July 20th to learn why having the right EHS technology can fuel organisational objectives outside the traditional remit of safety compliance. You will learn:

• Key trends in EHS and the rise of technology
• Why operational excellence matters
• Finding the right software for EHS digital transformation


Nitin Phadnis - Senior Product Marketing Manager @Intelex

Nitin Phadnis is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Intelex based in Toronto and manages the Health and Safety portfolio. Bringing products to market, enabling sales, and helping audiences get better acquainted with Intelex’s health and safety solutions makes up much of his day-to-day. Nitin likes to delve into research to understand key market trends in the EHS space, and as a product marketer, he is always eager to know how EHS technology is helping customers succeed in their business. In his spare time, Nitin loves watching Formula 1 races and spending time at the local library.


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