Tuesday 28th Feb @ 2:00pm

EHS Software and You: Building a Safer Future

An H&S professional’s job is evolving in line with technological advancements – in protecting worker safety, mitigating against risk and promoting optimum behaviours to protect employees’ and contractors’ mental and physical health.

To keep up with these changes and ensure that both short-term and long-term H&S priorities are being met, EHS software can revolutionise the workings of an organisation, subsequently proving not only life changing, but ultimately life saving.

Please join Toby South from Intelex to better understand what is required from H&S professionals in putting forward a successful proposition for EHS software in any organisation and get an insight into the tools and methods required to mitigate risk and ensure successful buy-in, implementation and uptake across any organisation. In this webinar you will learn about:

• How to position a successful business case for EHS software internally
• Examples of successful EHS implementations
• The risks around buying software and the controls that can be put in place to mitigate them
• The cultural importance of uniting staff behind new software investment


Toby South

Toby South - Senior Product Solutions Consultant @Intelex

Toby has worked in the Health and Safety industry for the past 13 years, across several different verticals. During this time, he headed up the Implementations of Health & Safety software to some of the largest private and public organisations in the UK. Recently he has been working with companies to discover how software can support their health & safety objectives, this includes how training and knowledge sharing can deliver wider health and safety strategies through technology. Toby has been with Intelex for 2 years and is instrumental in the pre-sales process as a Product Solutions Consultant.

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