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The G7 Detector Range
Blackline Safety introduces G7, the world's first total detection safety monitoring system

G7 marks a new era in personnel monitoring, moving beyond traditional gas detection and currently-available wireless gas detection systems. It is completely self-contained and works right out of the box. G7 doesn't require expensive Wi-Fi networks or any complicated Bluetooth connections to other devices.

G7 is a true 'everything detector' that combines the latest in cellular and satellite communications, plus advanced location technology. It connects every employee on your job-sites with live monitoring personnel. Gas detection requirements are customizable via field-replaceable single and quad-gas cartridges.

Capabilities include:

  • Live safety status of every employee
  • Real-time alerting due to gas exposure, falls and man-down events
  • Instant alerting by releasing the SOS latch
  • Two-way speakerphone delivers two-way voice calling with monitoring team
  • Automatic detection of falls, man-down (motionless) events and missed employee check-ins
  • Deliver help to an employee's exact location via live, interactive map
  • 100% web-based monitoring—no software to install
  • Mass-notify your team due to hazards or the need to evacuate
  • 24/7 live monitoring via Safety Operations Center and Alarm Receiving Centre partners
  • Account for all personnel at safe locations / muster points
  • Device configuration profiles ensure every device is correctly configured
  • Device configurations are updated over-the-air—wirelessly and in real-time
  • Firmware updates are automatic and also over-the-air
  • All calibration and bump data is communicated over-the-air
  • Simple and cost-effective dock—no more SD cards or IR transfers
  • 100% compliance view of equipment calibration and usage
  • Simple green-yellow-red reporting that shows when things are working correctly, when something will require attention and when something is out of compliance
  • Field-replaceable gas sensor cartridges maximize ROI
  • Every gas sample is geo-recorded
  • Heat maps deliver proactive leak detection and planning for maintenance
  • Indoor location technology with floor and site plans

For more information on the G7 range, please click here

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