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The BLS Zer0 Series
Cup Shaped FFP Nanoparticles Respirators

Why give up maximum comfort if you can have it with the best protection?

The new BLS's cup shaped line is designed to offer you both: maximum protection and maximum comfort. Zer0 series includes only P3 facepieces, but provides breathing resistance comparable to a P1.


The support material has a special texture constituted of interwoven bundles of fibres which give elasticity and resistance to the material even after prolonged use under conditions of high humidity or heavy perspiration. This innovative material is also entirely, adhesive and solvent free.


The gasket is made of a soft foam coupled with a technical fabric. The combination of the two layers provides excellent compression and deformation combined with an elevated user’s comfort. The textile layer is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, absorbs sweat and keeps the skin cool and dry.


The innovative protective micronet preserves the filtering material from dirt, dust and liquids. This way the external layer preserves and prolongs the filtration efficiency without increasing breathing resistance of the filtering facepiece. The micronet, less elastic and more resistant than filtering materials, protects from mechanical stress that could tear or damage the material (i.e. crease, rub).


The unique shape of the nose area makes the facepieces very easy to wear. The new Zer0 series fits perfectly on different head shapes to ensure an excellent seal. The new shape also ensures a wide field of vision and high compatibility with personal equipment for eyes protection.

These are the available versions:

  • BLS Zer0 30 NV - FFP3 NR D
  • BLS Zer0 30 - FFP3 NR D valved
  • BLS Zer0 30C - FFP3 NR D valved, activated carbons
  • BLS Zer0 31 - FFP3 R D valved, full gasket
  • BLS Zer0 31C - FFP3 R D valved, activated carbons, full gasket
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BLS started its activity in Milan by setting up its first production laboratories and offices in 1976. Today, they have spread to Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands, and provide a range of reusable and disposable respiratory protection.