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Conformable Anti-Slip Tape
Anti-slip tape that will stick anywhere

Conformable anti slip tape is a strong abrasive anti slip surface with an aluminium foil backing, which allows it to conform to irregular surfaces like durbar, chequered & diamond tread plates, creating a durable anti slip grip on these surfaces.

Contrary to popular belief, Durbar plate is not a good non-slip surface as most metals used for this purpose do not have great friction. The durbar pattern when wet can create a big slip hazard, resulting in possible accidents and injury. This pattern also makes it very hard to find a non slip surface which will apply effectively; most non slip tapes have a plastic backing, making them very hard to conform over irregular surfaces without them lifting.

Conformable non slip tape has an aluminium foil backing, which has no inherent memory. This means it will conform over virtually any patterned and irregular whole surface, creating a durable, effective non-slip solution with minimal chance of lifting from the application surface.

The abrasive grit used on our conformable anti slip tape is diamond hard aluminium oxide. This gives the material exceptional grip levels in wet or dry conditions, making this material perfect for internal and external applications.

To aid the application of conformable anti slip tape, we recommend the use of Heskins ancillaries.

A rubber mallet is recommended during application. By using the rubber mallet to press the material it allows it to conform to the irregular surface effectively without damaging the material.

Heskins Edge fix edge sealer is perfect for applying to anti slip tapes used in external and high traffic applications as it creates a tight seal around the edges of the material, preventing any edge lift.

Conformable anti slip tape can be found in roll and die cut forms to suit any application requirements and can be found in a diverse range of colours.

For more information on prices, technical information and the colour range available, please contact us via phone on 01254 832266 or visit the website at

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Heskins is a specialist producer of a range of self-adhesive non slip tapes, our trademark is Safety-Grip™. We are based in the north west of the UK in our custom built factory.