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3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear 200-400-600 Video
Secure, comfortable and stylish

3M has added to the SecureFit™ Eyewear product platform to fit a variety of workplace needs. The original 200, 400 for additional comfort, and 600 for premium comfort, protection and choices.

The science behind 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Temple (PDT) Technology

3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear is optimized to allow a wide array of head sizes to feel nearly the same balance between security and comfort. The eyewear temples self-adjust to a wide array of head sizes diffusing pressure over the ear and enhancing comfort.

Watch the video to see how Pressure Diffusion Temple (PDT) Technology works to help create a secure and comfortable fit.

The science behind 3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-fog Technology

The science behind 3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-fog Technology Scotchgard™ Anti-fog coating lasts longer than traditional anti-fog coatings,* helping to increase eyewear performance in wet and steamy environments. The coating retains its effectiveness for at least 25 washings with water, allowing workers to wear their eyewear longer.

Watch this video to see how Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating lasts longer than traditional anti-fog coatings.*

*Based on 3M internal testing per EN168 test method when compared with traditional anti-fog coatings.

The science behind Fit

Choosing the right protective eyewear is key. 3M™ has developed a step-by-step method to ensure you can find your best fitting protective eyewear.

Importance of Proper Fitting Eyewear.

Eye injuries can occur even while wearing eye protection if the safety glasses do not fit properly. When fitted properly, eyewear should cover the soft tissue around the eye. Small spectacles on larger heads can leave exposed areas. Spectacles that are too large for a person can leave gaps. Selecting the proper eye protection for the task and ensuring proper fitting eyewear can help to reduce worker eye injuries. 3M can help you to validate properly fitting eyewear.

For more information, click here

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