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Young Metal Workers More Likely to be Injured

Younger workers in the metal industry are three times more likely to have an accident

Compared with other metal workers, youngsters have three times as often an accident. And young learned was done old. It is therefore vital that young people in a metal education learn immediately to work healthily and safely. Today, the SZW Inspectorate launches the E-publication 'Healthy and safe learning in metal'.

With the e-publication, the Inspectorate SZW informs leather companies and schools about the laws and regulations for the healthy and safe learning of young people in training in metal. Learning companies and schools stand together to make good arrangements about how the young people they train can work healthy and safely.

Those appointments should not only be about the subject, but also how to teach the subject in a healthy and safe way. What are the rules from the Arbowet? And who is responsible for that? What should the employer do and where should employees watch?

Starting today, the new e-publication 'Healthy and safe learning in metal' is online . Schools and companies in the metal sector can find information about legal rules regarding young people in education. The website also provides information that can be learned in practice. Likewise, look at our Facebook page for the latest updates.


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The SZW Inspectorate is the supervisor in the field of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. This supervision focuses on compliance with legislation on labor conditions, labor markets, labor relations and social security systems. In addition, she exam...
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