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Who Wears FR Clothing?

What does Daletec offer?

Being a market leader for decades in protective fabrics, Daletec has extended its product range from treated flame retardant fabrics to inherent FRs; complying to Global norms (NPFA 2112, ISO 11611, ISO 11612, IEC 61482).

With excellent FR properties and great physical strengths of flame-resistant fabrics, Daletec is nominated and preferred among high end users. Having an extensive product range of flame retardant textiles from 150gsm to 450gsm in cotton, cotton blends (polyester, nylon etc.) and special fiber blends; Daletec has a fabric solution for all major industries like Oil & Gas, Oil & Gas multiline, welding and grinding and for utilities.

Do you job confidently because Daletec gives you the best protection from metal sparks, arc flashes, flame and heat exposure.


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Daletec is the trusted Norwegian producer of flame retardant fabrics for clothing that protects against heat and flames, electrical arc and hot metal splash. We have pioneered unique processes and specialized FR treatments for more than 40 years, including imp...