What Effect will Brexit have on the UK Safety Industry?

Taking a look at a very British safety equipment manufacturer


Since incorporation in 1982, Globestock has been located in the market town of Oswestry, near the Welsh border. In addition to dependable safety equipment, Globestock offer competitive leads times, fast spares response and industry-leading technical support.

Viv Lewis, GM of Globestock, elaborates:

“We are one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of specialised safety equipment that is designed to protect people during confined space access and rescue. Additionally, our Load Arrestors reduce the risk of injury to personnel and damage to sensitive equipment that may result from a failure in the primary support”

Globestock’s dedicated Design and Development team means the firm have complete control over their products and can quickly react to any design-change requirements as necessary, ensuring exceptional high quality on an ongoing basis.

“all Globestock’s raw materials are sourced from within the UK. The vast majority of the materials are obtained locally, from within the West Midlands region, optimising quality and reducing the carbon footprint of everything they manufacture”

Viv elaborates:

“In-house manufacturing gives the company absolute oversight over the production process and allows the team to immediately respond to any design developments. CNC machines, operated by our expert engineers, process the materials and castings, getting them ready for assembly. To make the final assembly, components are carefully put together by the experienced, highly-skilled bench technicians who know the products like the back of their hands.”

All Globestock’s confined space access devices undergo a proof load test before being sent out of the door. This final test is over and above any required standard, but Globestock go beyond compliance to deliver extra confidence in the equipment.

Finally, specially-designed packaging materials safeguard the products in transit, ensuring they reach customers in perfect condition. A bespoke stock management and order processing system assists Globestock in completing 90% of orders within just five days.

To find out more, go to globestock.co.uk

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Established in 1982, Globestock manufacture and supply a wide range of high-quality safety solutions for confined space access and load arrest. e take immense pride in our 37 years of British manufacturing heritage and to this day we engineer products that we are proud to put our name to. An in-house Design & Development department, backed-up by our manufacturing operation in the same building, alongside our quality test and inspection areas, all ensure we have control over every aspect of our range. We are equally proud to be ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and all our equipment carries the CE mark.