So many products are popping up all over the world it is hard to know what to trust and what is the best. Nilaqua’s long established range includes a virucidal surface spray which over the span of 10 years has been tested to be effective against germs for all sorts of workplaces and area’s. Thus lets give you the low down on why they are winning so much business. 

1. Most surface solutions are proven to kill Coronaviruses and more in 2-5 minutes and often as a concentration. Nilaqua’s is so effective it is a ready to use solution and kills in under 1 minute

2. Nilaqua thought about the bigger picture – yes it kills, but it is also non tainting to an array of surface and equipment, vegan friendly and halal compliant

3. Nilaqua has specifically targeted groups of germs to provide solutions for bathrooms, kitchens, schools and medical settings. Covering water germs, fecal, sick, bloods, food and more. 

4. Nilaqua’s solutions have been supplying the NHS frameworks since 2016. This is not a single surgery but nationwide.

5. Log reductions are important! Most of Nilaqua’s log reductions are 5,6 and recently 7 logs, which is the difference between 10,000’s of germs being obliterated,. why choose a product of 99% when you can have 99.9999%

6. Nilaqua appreciates the importance of the world and eco aspects. All their plastic is already 25% recycled as a minimum, further recyclable and the company itself has policies for reusing waste, saving resources and organising beach cleans. 

Finally & probably one of the key notes to adhere to – post application protection. The way in which Nilaqua works is that the QAC’s by nature provide a protective film to surfaces. which minimises the chances of cross infection. Nilaqua has had tests 7 days later and 30 days later to show the chemical is still active against MRSA. 

Nilaqua surface lines are available as 100ml pocket spray, 500ml standard and 5 litre for top ups and being placed in fogging equipment. 

See for yourself Test data –

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