With snow coming to the Netherlands, and already there in different parts of Europe, we want to point out the superior Vigil anti-slip products!

Safety cannot be compromised on stairways. Vigil Antislip Stair Nosings offer high visibility whilst ascending or descending, also in the worst weather conditions.

Vigil Antislip Stair Nosings can be fitted permanently in seconds without the risk of being loosened by vibrations or heavy use. The aggregate on the nosing’s leading edge (the danger point) will not dislodge or wear! A claim only made and backed up by Vigil Antislip.

The stairnosing (re)profiles the most important part of the steps by increasing the contact surface to protect against often occuring hazards caused by frequest usage, worn or defective stairs and spots that are exposed to weather conditions (snow) or spilled liquids and/or dust.

More info: www.vigilantislip.eu or tel. +31 (0161)-226559.