Videonetics, the World-leading Visual Computing Platform Development Company, launches world’s first safety & security solution for Safer Workforce, Safer Workplace and Industrial Township Monitoring, powered by its patented DeeperLook™ – Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning platform for critical infrastructure, heavy industries, manufacturing plants, factories, construction sites and warehouses to name a few.

Indigenously developed on AI & DL DeeperLook™ platform, Videonetics Industrial solution is designed with emphasis on preventive security, centralized visibility along with efficiently complying to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standard. The industrial security & safety solution ensures safer workforce and safer workplace and help optimize business operations.

As per the International Labour Organization (ILO), nearly 2.8 million workers die each year from occupational hazards and work-related diseases. An additional 374 million workers suffer from non-fatal occupational accidents. The workdays lost because of accidents cost as much as 4% of the world GDP. Apart from the OSH related concerns, organizations are facing other challenges such as violence, terrorism, worker agitations, disgruntled employees, theft and pilferage. It is the moral and legal responsibility of businesses to provide safe and secure workplaces.

“Videonetics Industrial solution is designed with emphasis on preventive security, centralized visibility along with efficiently complying to Occupational Safety and Health”

The solution suite has manifold applications including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Detection such as safety helmets, safety jackets/aprons, safety glasses, safety boots etc, Production/Manufacturing Floor Area Monitoring, Worker Behavior Monitoring, Person Slip & Fall Detection, Oil/Water Spillage Detection, Worker Head Count & Zone Monitoring, Person Occupancy & Heatmap, Fire & Smoke Detection, Graffiti and Vandalism Detection, Property Cleanliness Detection & Garbage Management, Crowd Formation Detection, Perimeter Protection, Object Classification, Theft & Pilferage Detection, Movement of Fork Lifts or other machinery inside shop floors, Vehicle Entry-Exit Monitoring Using ANPR for Effective Gate Management, Vehicle Movement Inside Plant Area Monitoring using ANPR, Parking Zone Monitoring and Speed Detection, Facial Recognition, Employee Management etc to name a few. There are many other use cases which can be developed to meet specific needs of an industry vertical. The solution also supports open framework for integration with 3rd party systems such as SCADA, IBMS, HRMS, ERP, Emergency Evacuation Systems, Fire Alarm and Access Control Systems etc. The platform can also integrate and communicate with external law enforcement and emergency service management systems like Dial 100, 102, Medical Services etc.

Expressing on the launch, Dr Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD stated, “I am proud to announce that Videonetics is the first company to introduce end-to-end AI & DL powered Safety & Security Solution for industries. Field-proven and tested with real-time video data of varied environment, our solutions are well-competent to solve industry’s day-to-day challenges as well as address critical needs such as mitigating safety & security risks, improving work environment, reducing production loss and improving profitability, improve workers/employees occupational safety, create situational awareness, maintaining business continuity and optimizing operations for organizations, assets and infrastructure.”

With Videonetics industrial solution, the stake holders are empowered to stay one step ahead of security breaches for timely interventions, improving operational efficiency while keeping property and people safe.