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Syndustry help Vandesky meet regulations

Published: 04/10/2016


According to Mick Bakker, general manager at Vandesky and a level 3 Rope Access technician, chosing Syndustry Equipment to administer their PPE inventory was a clearcut choice:

“Syndustry helps us meet regulatory requirements easily and actually saves money. By using their system we've already saved about 30% time on our handling of equipment and even received exemplary remarks at our recent VCA** certification.” Mick Bakker, Vandesky

By implementing Syndustry Equipment in their daily routine Vandesky now has more insight into the current safety status of their inventory. This has aided them in being VCA**-certified, but also helps them cut overhead by saving valuable time spent handling equipment. By offering features such as tracking in- and out-going equipment the application helps speed up the (de-)mobilisation process.


Syndustry Equipment is an online portal to help companies manage Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This equipment is subject to routine inspections and is often safety-critical and used in rough conditions. As such it is important to keep an up-to-date records of the status and certificates of each piece of equipment. Syndustry Equipment provides a cloud-based portal to meet these needs.

Published: 04-10-16

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