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Uncompromising safety in multi-protective workwear range from MASCOT

The future of multi-protective workwear is a unique combination of the highest safety, the best features and outstanding comfort. Keep reading and find out what one company say about MASCOT® MULTISAFE.


With the range MASCOT® MULTISAFE, MASCOT has taken extraordinary measures in terms of safety. The range combines the best features with an excellent comfort. Products in this range hold diverse properties suited for your position, e.g. breathable, wind and waterproof, protection against rain and cold, being anti-static, anti-acid and flame retardant.

Safety above all

Products holding the right certifications are crucial. Protection is a high priority for MASCOT, and therefore developing multi-protective clothing that is certified accordingly is important. In the new generation of MASCOT® MULTISAFE, MASCOT uses a 100% “inherent” fabric in which the flame retardant properties are woven in during production, and therefore cannot be washed out over time.

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MASCOT® WORKWEAR is known for high quality, comfort, durability and good functionality. We offer MASCOT® products for all segments, whether you are looking for work clothes for electricians, workwear for carpenters, for tilers, for installers or work trousers ...