ULTITEC has received all sorts of inquiries since the COVID-19 outbreak. We played a significant role in becoming a good listener and systematically solved these questions for you.They are categorized into 7 topics, namely COVID-19, Product, Disposal, Storage, Limitation, Purchase and Distributor.

Here are the Top 10 questions: 
◼ What is the difference between gown and protective clothing? 
◼ Which ULTITEC products are recommended for COVID-19 protection? 
◼ What certifications do you have? Do you have EN 14126 certification? 
◼ Does ULTITEC products reach AAMI Level 4? 
◼ What is the shelf life of protective clothing? 
◼ Can I wash or launder ULTITEC protective clothing? 
◼ What is your normal lead time? 
◼ What is the MOQ of ULTITEC coverall? 
◼ How do I purchase your products? 
◼ How to become your distributor?
Please view here for full version. If your questions are not on the list, please 
contact us for more information.