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Two Unique Innovations In Health And Safety Signage Creation

Rebo introduce two new ‘game changers’ in the in-house safety sign and labelling business.

Rebo, a leading European manufacturer, will introduce two remarkable new tools to increase safety and productivity through fast, in-house sign and label creation.

The SMS R1 – colour and cut system that does all the work and all the talking.

The SMS R1 is truly a ‘first’ in new product design and functionality. Designed to be fast, flexible and productive, the R1 can print in up to 14 colours and cuts any shape in any quantity required.

Rebo – an SME dedicated to the in-house sign and safety industry – have taken the initiative to design and manufacture a true – designed for purpose – sign and labelling system. Their whole focus being the feedback from the market after over 40 years of OEM delivery.

"The SMS R1 can output varieties of different shapes and coloured signs in one rapid process. From safety signage, maintenance labelling, facility marking and general hazard notification – the SMS R1 is undoubtedly the ideal solution for safely signage with any message and in any quantity at any time."

With technology at the forefront of the R1 – the printer does all the talking, meaning it can be placed anywhere and can we networked or used as a central resource.

The operating system and driver of the R1 have been streamlined to allow any software to be used to create unique and varied designs and output.

Everything from loading the slide-in ribbon cassettes to the self-loading supply rolls have been rethought and redesigned to make it easy to use and with an absolute minimum of any frustrating operating delays.

With ribbon saving, high performance cut and print speeds and an astonishing capacity to print over 10 meters of continuous output – the R1 is the most productive system to date.


Find out more about the SMS R1

The Kodiak – a wide format multi-colour system for the bigger messages.

The Kodiak is designed to make multi-colour signs from 10cm wide up to 22cm in one pass.

The Kodiak has two print heads and interchangeable ribbons – so creating GHS and industry compliant HSE signage is now easy, fast and achievable from a dedicated system.

"Working as a stand alone system, with its own in-built processor and wide colour touch screen – the Kodiak is free from network constraints and can be approached and used by anyone at any time."

The Kodiak can also be used connected to a computer, it has its own driver and comes complete with a tailor made software that gets the most out of the Kodiaks capabilities.

Pre-loaded with a full GHS data base and a range of templates from Arc Flash, Pipe Marking and with over 2000 Internationally approved safety graphics – the Kodiak brings a new definition to value for money and productivity.

Unlike many large size safety sign printers on offer, the Kodiak is not an adapted printer, it’s a purpose designed and built product – fully optimised to deliver fast, durable and multi-colour output that last’s in aggressive environments.

Find out more about the KODIAK

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