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Two Courses in Health, Safety and Security

Masterclass in International Health and Safety

For the last two courses of the year we’ll be focusing on what happens outside of the domestic situation, with a masterclass in international health and safety and our ever-popular travel safety programme.

These two events will help you to understand the issues surrounding an international and travelling workforce, global regulatory regimes, how different organisations deal with the various challenges and tools and techniques you can deploy to keep your staff safe.

If you have travelling staff (both domestically and internationally), or work in an international organisation, these courses will help improve your knowledge and improve your safety programme.

The International Health and Safety Masterclass – 14th November 2018

In this course discover what international health and safety is, and what we can learn from colleagues around the world and in different industries.

Designed to help business leaders and risk and safety professionals understand how we can learn from our colleagues from different industries and countries to help us improve health and safety programmes, this masterclass will ensure that senior leaders are knowledgeable about the issues they face internationally.

What’s in the masterclass?

The masterclass provides an insight to identifying and understanding how health and safety is influenced around our planet. The aim is to give an overview of how regulation takes place across the regions and how regulatory practice and enforcement influence business in managing health and safety.

The masterclass will also focus on how different industry programs can influence safety or the industry you work in, the importance of being a trusted advisor, using consultation as a key stakeholder management tool and how other countries excel at safety.


The key skills you will learn:

  • Understand the principles of global health and safety regulation and best practice
  • Identify new ways of working and opportunities to communicate from our colleagues around the world and in different industries
  • Understand culture and how you can use this to develop your messages
  • Understand the importance of self-belief and development
  • Identify tools to help develop your programme

Cost: £200 per delegate.

Cardinus Travel Safety Programme – 3rd December 2018

Our second course will focus on travel safety and covers both operational and strategic advice for organisations and individuals in supporting staff and keeping safe when travelling.

This comprehensive course provides a holistic approach to travel preparation, including practical travel advice, guidance and recommendations, as well as enhancing situational awareness and building confidence in operating in unfamiliar locations.

The key skills you will learn:

  • Pre-planning
  • Equipment check lists
  • Advice on walking, eating out and travelling on public transport
  • How to risk assess, people and places
  • Plus advanced techniques in risk reduction

Cost: £185 per delegate.

Course Formats

Both courses are 6 hours long from 10am to 4pm, with lunch included. Both courses will be at the Cardinus offices at Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 4AF.

Book Your Courses:

To book your attendance at either course email

Your Course Leaders:

Peter Kinselley, Associate Director, Health and Safety Consultancy

Peter will lead the International Health and Safety Masterclass. He has worked as a senior safety professional in a range of blue chip companies and industries. He has successfully implemented safety management and cultural change programmes across a number of international businesses.

Andy Neal, Associate Director, Cardinus Global Security Solutions

Andy will lead the Travel Safety Programme. He is a world-leading expert in personal security and to date has advised governments, royal families, major companies and high-profile celebrities in a career spanning 22 years across the world.

His military background coupled with his understanding of the commercial world is unique and provides the framework for one of the most engaging talks you’ll witness this year.

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