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Towards Age-Friendly Work in Europe

A life-course perspective on work and ageing from EU Agencies


The EU’s population and workforce are ageing. This has implications for employment, working conditions, living standards and welfare. How should we respond to these challenges? A new report, coordinated by EU-OSHA, shows how information from four agencies can support policy-making that is both complementary and greater than the sum of its parts. The report draws on the agencies’ expertise in each of their areas and covers the different challenges associated with the ageing workforce and considers innovative solutions.

  • EU-OSHA presents policy examples of integrated approaches to occupational safety and health for an ageing workforce.
  • Eurofound examines working conditions for workers of all ages, related work sustainability outcomes and how the right policies can foster longer working lives.
  • Cedefop explores how vocational education and training can be used to support active ageing at work.
  • EIGE provides a gender perspective on the issue of the ageing workforce and discusses the different challenges that men and women face.

The report also outlines the impact of long-term demographic trends on employment, and examines lifelong participation in learning. This is followed by a call for active ageing solutions that ensure older workers remain active, skilled and employed.

Read the full joint agencies report

Find out more about the ‘Safer and healthier work at any age’ project

Check out EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplace for All Ages campaign

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EU-OSHA’s mission and vision statements explain its role within the mandate provided in the founding regulation. The mission statement defines what the Agency does. The vision statement explains what the Agency aims to achieve. Our mission: We develop, gather...