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All Sixton Peak safety footwear is accompanied by the brand-label


All Sixton Peak safety footwear is accompanied by the brand-label, The Origin of Quality, as a distinctive and tangible sign, which informs about our vision, and gives life to a brand experience by disclosing the source, the origin of quality and the traceability of materials. Maspica has always kept the bar of total quality high, as quality is the protagonist all over, from the choice of raw materials, though all the production phases, down to the very last checks and laboratory analysis and tests. With this awareness everyone in Maspica believes in what he does and becomes important to the end user himself. We keep in mind first place the well-being and protection of the health of the worker. One of many examples of the outcome of our philosophy is the Scout Line.

The Scout Line, trustworthy in challenging work environments, yet light and comfortable, it represents a further step forward. The new VibramĀ® outsole featuring the innovative compound Fire and Ice, brings together the best heat and slip resistance performances with antistatic and durability properties, even in very cold climates. The new captivating design is yet functional thanks to the asymmetric toecap, to have extra protection where it is needed.

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Maspica lab for shoes.
Research, design and innovation capabilities are always the key factors to guarantee top quality products. Outstanding experience, passion and versatility have made the Sixton brand a symbol of quality and service proficiency. Maspica SpA owns the Sixton PeakĀ® brand and today, it represents the best of what Italian industry can offer. The management, design, production and stocks facilities are located in a building of over 6.500 square meters.

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