The workwear market is a key area of growth for Boa® as more partners and products feature the strong and durable system built to stand up to the harshest conditions and provide lasting, all-day comfort.

11 years of experience: Since 2008, Boa has set foot in the workwear industry, providing fit solutions to a broad variety of brands and products. For 58 workwear brands worldwide, Boa has established itself as the number one choice, 31 being European. Boa is partnering with 8 Italian Safety shoe brands (Base Protection, Cofra, FTG, Garsport, Grisport, Pezzol, Sixton, U-Power).

Today, Utility makes up a significant 60% of the EMEA turnover, whereas 40% are covered by the different sports categories. In 2018, approximately 2.5 million safety shoes equipped with the Boa® Fit System have been sold in Europe. While Boa already has a good presence within the workwear segment, it keeps growing at a fast pace. A prime example for Boa is the Scandinavian market: 60% of sold workwear shoes are equipped with the Boa® Fit System. Beside the big Scandinavian workwear brands, also Italian utility shoe brands with Boa have been successful among the Scandinavian countries.


For workers across construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transport, and more, the Boa® Fit System lets users dial in a secure fit for enduring comfort that stays consistent and true. The Boa® Fit System is made up of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial for a precision fit, lightweight and super strong laces, and low-friction lace guides to ensure a smooth closure. Whether removing gear at the door or acting quickly in a dangerous situation, Boa® makes it easy to get shoes off (and back on) in a hurry and increases safety while working around machinery and hazards with secure lace containment that never comes untied.

Boa is not simply a supplier: In order to maximize the impact and benefits of the Boa® Fit System, the process of integrating Boa begins when the brands start the development of the shoe. Every aspect of the Boa® Fit System is engineered to exacting durability standards, designed with precision, and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility. Built with ultra-durable materials and extensively field-tested, the Boa® Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated:

The Utility market is extensive, but so are Boas solutions. Boa offers varying system in the workwear market to address a variety of tension demands, including different dial sizes and grips, to meet specific application and product needs from occupational footwear to firefighter boots.

The Boa® Fit System in workwear consist of three platforms: L6 combined with the Boa lace CS1, M4 combined with the Boa lace CS3 and specifically for firefighter boots the H3 coiler combined with the Boa SS2 lace.

L6 : Featuring maximum impact protection and resistance to accidental opening and dirt contamination, L6 offers a variety of designs to accommo- date different applications to power lower cut footwear.
In workwear the L6 dial is combined with the Boa CS1 lace. Only 2 kg of usable tension is needed to close low-cut footwear, yet the Boa® Fit System CS1 lace is tested to allow for over 20 kg of tension before a lace would ever break. CS1 is designed to withstand lace fatigue over time and tested to last over eight million steps (approx. 6,437 km).

Boa® Lace CS1: Lightweight, strong and expertly configured for comfort and performance.
7 bundles of 7 strands of stainless steel with a nylon coating.

M4 : Versatile and durable, M4 integrates into almost any product and fea- tures an easy-to-install cartridge assembly that improves impact resistance and increases the ease of replacement. The dial uses a mixed material design that provides a more stable and controlled grip in wet environments even with gloved hands.

In workwear the Boa dial M4 is combined with the Boa lace CS3. Boa laces are built extremely strong. Only 6.8 kg of usable tension is needed to close mid-cut footwear, yet the Boa® Fit System CS3 lace is tested to allow for over 70 kg of tension before a lace would ever break.

Boa® Lace CS3: Strong and flexible, specifically designed to work in dirty environments.
49 strands of stainless steel permeated and wrapped in nylon (7 strands wrapped in nylon – 7 bundles of these strands again wrapped).

H3+: Featuring a 4:1 gear ratio and a robust grip, H3+ enables Boa’s highest lace tension, making it easier to achieve the desired fit in higher cut footwear. H3+ can be paired with Boa’s Coiler technology for increased speed of entry into the product by quickly taking up lace slack. The coiler function has a high importance on firefighter boots.

The Boa dial H3+ is mostly combined with the Boa lace SS2. Only 8.4 kg of usable tension is needed to close high-cut boot, yet the SS2 lace is tested to allow for over 84 kg of tension before a lace would ever break.

Boa® Lace SS2: Built to last, for harsh wear and tear.
75 strands of stainless steel lace providing excellent tensile strength for high powered applications.


The Boa L6 and M4 platform feature an easy-to-install cartridge assembly that improves impact resistance and increases the ease of replacement.

On severe impact, the cartridge is designed to release from the bayonet. If this happens, the user can insert the cartridge back into the bayonet. While it will continue to function properly throughout the remainder of the activity, it is important to now order a replacement kit.


Arbesko, Atlas, BAAK, Base Protection, Bata, Brynje, Cofra, DeWalt, Elten, Engelbert Strauss, FTG, Garsport, Gesto, Grisport, Helly Hansen, HKS, Jalas, Mascot, Monitor, Pezzol, Rockfall, Rukapol, Sievi, Sixton, Solid Gear, Steitz, U-Power, UVEX Safety, VM, Würth-Modyf, YDS


Boa Technology Inc., creators of the revolutionary, award-winning, patented Boa® Fit System, partners with market-leading brands to make the best gear even better. Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the Boa® Fit System is featured in products across snow sports, cycling, hiking/trekking, golf, running, court sports, workwear, medical bracing, and prosthetics. The system consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. Each unique configuration is engineered for effortless precision delivering a connected, fast, customized and durable fit, and is backed by The Boa Guarantee. Boa Technology Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Austria, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and Japan. For more information, visit BOAFIT.COM