International Gas Detectors Ltd have officially signed a new strategic partnership with SENKO Co., Ltd., to be their representative in the UK and EU for multi portable gas monitors and single gas portable monitors. This new strategic partnership now allows us [IGD] to offer our clients ATEX certified confined space monitors. The union also opens new markets and opportunities for both IGD and SENKO.

Who is SENKO?

SENKO are a gas sensor developer and manufacturer, established in 2004 in South Korea. Their portable gas monitors are being used and marketed by many well-known companies in the gas detection industry. Their cutting-edge unique portable monitor design, provides clients with a robust, reliable, and cost-effective portable gas monitor. This union between IGD and SENKO is a historic moment in the gas detection industry. We have invested months testing the SENKO portable monitors, to ensure we have selected the right product and company to partner with. SENKO and IGD share common goals, with the same commitment to product design, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Pictured: Firefighter using SENKO’s MGT-P portable multi gas detector.

What Portable Monitors Do SENKO & IGD Now Offer?

The strategic partnership between SENKO and IGD now allows us [IGD] to provide clients with a range of ATEX/IECEx and intrinsically safe certified monitors. These include the standard 4 gas monitor for confined space applications that being CO, H2S, Flammable and Oxygen. The 4 gases can either be fitted with Infrared technology or pellistor sensors for flammable gases. We can also offer reusable gas monitors for the following gases:

  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Ammonia
  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Hydrogen

Pictured: SENKO Single Gas Ammonia (NH3) – Re-useable and Maintainable. 2 Year Warranty and 3-5 year sensor lifetime

The monitors have a unique design and build which ensures the detectors are long-lasting and one of the most robust portable detectors on the market. Also, like IGD’s fixed monitors, SENKO portables feature long-life sensor technology. All the portable gas monitors have a guaranteed 2-year warranty. However, the sensors should last clients between 3-5 years when maintained correctly. With the unique robust design and long-life sensor technology, this makes the SENKO range of portable monitors incredibly cost-effective both upfront and long term. Even with the reduced cost of ownership the portable monitors are built and tested to an incredibly high standard. Thus, ensuring you have a portable monitor you can rely on.

We are pleased and proud that IGD have chosen SENKO as their partner for portable gas detection.  Not only do IGD have a long history of supplying high quality fixed gas detection products, but their ethos and drive is a great match for that of SENKO; recognising the value of knowledge, expertise and support in ensuring the customer gets the best possible solution for their gas detection applications.  We are sure this will lead to a long and successful relationship for both SENKO and IGD.


Why Did IGD Partner with SENKO?

We have decided to partner and distribute the SENKO portable gas monitors for several reasons. Firstly, their range of portable monitors are manufactured to a very high standard. In addition, their company ethos matched IGD’s in providing clients with reliable, high quality and cost-effective gas detectors while putting the customer first. They feature the SENKO unique sensor design which also makes them one of the most durable monitors available on the market. Finally, we have chosen to partner, promote, and distribute the SENKO range, as they already have a high reputation within the industry.

Pictured: SENKO MGT Multi Gas Confined Space Monitor.

What Does this Union Mean Going Forwards?

The partnership firstly enables us [IGD] to now offer a more diverse range. We manufacturer our own fixed gas detection equipment and a range of non-ATEX portable gas monitors. The SENKO portable monitors allow us to now offer confined space and ATEX certified portable detectors. Thus, opening new markets for us and allows us to provide our clients with the complete safety solution, backed by training from SENKO. For SENKO this means they now have a well established and independent gas detection manufacturer [International Gas Detectors Ltd] to promote their brand of portable monitors, advanced technology and have a local service centre for the UK and EU market.

Andrew Collier, Managing Director at International Gas Detectors Ltd, comments on this historic distributor partnership:

IGD spent a long time considering whether or not to commence design and manufacture of our own range of confined space monitors. When we discussed options with SENKO and reviewed their product; we saw their commitment to design quality and service more than met our expectations. Rather than introduce another brand of confined space monitor, it made more sense to form a long-term partnership with SENKO Korea. We are extremely happy to announce this partnership and we are excited to introduce the range to our customers.


Availability of Monitors and Service

We now have available stock for both the confined space monitors and the range of single gas detectors. This enables us to be able to provide next day delivery to meet clients demands and site requirements.

In addition to the new stock availability, our technicians have undertaken the service training on all the SENKO monitors. This was undertaken over a video conference call and has allowed us to become an official service centre for the SENKO gas detectors for both the UK and Europe. We can provide a fast turnaround with detectors being calibrated and repaired within 48hrs. This provides our clients with a local and effective service centre for their SENKO portable monitors. Thus, ensuring that there is little downtime between services. (See our distributor certificate here).

We are very excited about this partnership with SENKO South Korea and it marks a historic moment in the gas detection industry. If you would like to learn more about our service plans, contact our team today. Or if you would like to enquire about the range of SENKO monitors follow the link here to the webpage.