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Significantly more occupational diseases recognized

Report on Safety and Health at Work - Reporting Year 2016 published

With 22,320 cases, the number of recognized occupational diseases increased by almost a quarter in 2016 (23.7%). By contrast, the ads dropped to an occupational disease by 1.9 percent.

Although the number of accidents at work rose to just under 960,000, due to rising employment, the accident rate per 1,000 full-time workers fell slightly, amounting to around 23 accidents (23.2, previous year: 23.3). According to estimates of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), in 2016 about 675 million days of work lost due to inability to work. This led to a production loss based on the labor costs of 75 billion euros. As a result of the loss of labor productivity, the German economy lost around € 133 billion in gross value added. These and other results are included in the statistical report "

In 2016, every employee was on average 17.2 days unfit for work. In the calculation, the reference value has changed compared to 2015. For the calculation of the membership numbers in the statutory health insurance, member years were used for the first time. A member year means that one person was legally insured for twelve months. For example, a person who had been insured for only half a year through training or seasonal work will be included in the calculations for half a year. However, due to the introduction of this new, more accurate benchmark, the figures can not be compared with those of the previous year. In total, the incapacity data of around 29 million legally insured persons were included in the calculations. As before, the diagnostic group has "

The number of retirements due to reduced earning capacity remained stable overall. With 174,000 cases in 2016, there was only an increase of only 0.6 percent. Disbursements due to musculoskeletal disorders increased significantly by about 1,500 cases (+7.2%). At 42.8 percent, "mental and behavioral disorders" remain by far the most common cause of premature retirement.

Recognized occupational diseases grew by just under a quarter (23.7%) compared to the previous year to 22,320 cases in 2016. Cause was the inclusion of new occupational diseases in the list of occupational diseases in 2015. Alone for the newly recorded BK 5103 skin cancer by UV radiation, there were nearly 3,000 new recognition and 138 pension cases. In contrast, the number of suspicious transaction reports for occupational disease fell by around 2 percent to about 80,000.

The consequences of an occupational disease killed 2,576 people in the year under review. Around two-thirds of these deaths are due to the handling of asbestos-containing material. A total of 873 people died in 2016 at work or on the way there deadly. This was around 9 percent less than in 2015. While the number of reportable accidents at work increased by around 15,000 to almost 960,000, the accident rate per 1,000 full-time workers fell slightly from 23.3 in 2015 to 23.2 in 2016. The reportable commuting accidents recorded a slight increase , where the accident rate per 1,000 insurance relationships is almost stable at 3.7.

In its focus, the SuGA reporting year 2016 will focus on temporary work. He sheds light on the working conditions and health status of employees in temporary employment. In addition, he presents various instruments that make temporary work in rental and loan companies safe and sound. Short reports on the activities of various health and safety actors, such as the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA), the occupational safety authorities of the federal states, the providers of the statutory accident insurance (UVT) and the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA) and an overview of the accident situation among students complete the report ,

Safety and health at work - reporting year 2016. Accident prevention report Work; 1st edition; Dortmund; Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 2017; ISBN: 978-3-88261-241-7, 198 pages, DOI: 10.21934 / baua: report20171211. A version in PDF format for download is available on the BAuA website at .

Further information at .


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The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) is led by its president, Isabel Rothe, who is responsible for the scientific divisions "Policy Issues and Programmes", "Products and Work Systems", "Work and Health" and "Hazardous Substances and ...