Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) has added two prestigious awards to its rapidly expanding trophy cabinet. The Love Recycling Program from RCP – a leading international manufacturer of hand hygiene, cleaning, waste and recycling solutions, landed the top spot in both the Tomorrow’s Cleaning and Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2021.

Love Recycling collated and analysed the findings from two research studies in 2020 with over 1,000 businesses involved. The initial study explored the state of commercial recycling for European businesses of all sizes across the continent. The second took a much-needed reading of how organisations were coping with the additional pandemic stresses on their recycling and waste activities.

Across both studies, Love Recycling identified that businesses are ready and willing to do more with their recycling and waste programs, but lack information, education and guidance on effective processes and products.

Paul Jakeway, Head of Marketing – EMEA at RCP, said:

‘’Thank you to everyone that voted for this award and to the thousands of businesses that have taken part in our research projects.

‘’Love Recycling is evolving. We recently published a manifesto detailing how and why we’re increasing our support for businesses that want more control over their recycling and waste management.

‘’Businesses across Europe are well placed to be leaders on recycling and sustainability, a factor that is increasingly common in consumer decisions. Together we can help businesses make their recycling more successful, while also increasing cost-effectiveness.’’

To view the manifesto or find out how you can get involved with the award winning Program, go to Love Recycling. There you can download reports, take a recycling audit and subscribe to the Love Recycling newsletter.