One Story. Many Strands.

A+A in Dusseldorf was the launchpad for the Rhino Yarn™ brand story campaign celebrating Tilsatec’s rich heritage in UK manufacturing, the skillset and the faces behind the technology.

Rhino Yarn™️ is the technology which delivers cut resistance through a number of yarn compositions and structures. It’s not limited to any single material or manufacturing technique, it’s how the firm is able to spin, process and combine all the required elements to deliver best in class performance, protection, comfort and value in their hand protection.

Rhino Yarn™️ is our manufacturing process, but it’s also much more than that, says Marketing Manager Eleanor Parkes “It’s the combination of many strands, each as integral and essential as the rest. Together, they make us incredibly strong. They’re all part of a story we’re very proud of, and one we’re still writing as we start what is set to be our most exciting year to date”.

The campaign tells the story of the people and the place and a brave eureka moment that kick-started the whole Tilsatec business through a short film and a limited edition print story book.

See the brand story film in full: and to receive your own copy of the storybook contact: [email protected] or tel: 01924 231675.