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Revolutionary HD Strength From TST Sweden

New heavy strength clothing line released


TST Sweden, a pioneer in protective clothing for Water Jetting / Water Blasting, is introducing a new series of clothes called HD – Heavy Demolition. The main feature is an extremely durable outer material, TECHSTEEL™, which is 50% stronger against abrasion and tearing compared with the (admittedly also very strong) TST outer material that it replaces. The invention has come about following requests from contractors within heavy concrete demolition, working in extremely demanding conditions.

The outer fabric, TECHSTEEL™, is the result of a successful development project in partnership with a local manufacturer, F.O.V. Fabrics in Borås. Innovative thinking, a combination of materials and their preparation have resulted in fantastic material properties for the very toughest working environments.

"One of the secrets of the 50% improvement in resistance against abrasion and tearing is the use of Vectran® – a high-performance multifilament fiber spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP)," explains Per-Arne Andersson, who is responsible for research and development at TST Sweden.

"Vectran forms the base and then we use different methods to treat and prepare the fabric. It's taken some time and hard work from F.O.V, but it was worth the effort. The material is really very strong! I’m proud of what we have accomplished together!"

The new HD collection is available as a jacket, trousers and gaiters and broadens our Waterjet Protection range of clothing. It has the same protective capacity as the regular 20/30 clothes. (20/30 means that the clothing offers certified protection against pin/single nozzles of up to 2000 bar water pressure and for 3000 bar rotating nozzles.)

For more information on the products, please visit

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