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Rebo – A Specialist SME in Europe Takes on the ‘Big Boys’

With its own unique colour and cut safety sign system.

As a small but dedicated enterprise, Rebo BV in the Netherlands has over 40 years’ experience servicing the need for in-house, on-demand safety sign and labelling systems.

With a proven track record of success in OEM and reselling the bigger companies products, Rebo decided to take the big step of designing and manufacturing their own product. The new SMS R1 is a product that incorporates everything good about what is currently available and, more importantly, everything missing that the market needs.

With the main players being either Japanese or American – Rebo is the first European company to design and build what it believes is the most productive, effective and user friendly system to date.

With a surprisingly large list of ‘pre-orders’ from many of its existing customers – Rebo is confident it has hit the ‘sweet spot’ of ease of use, integration, productivity and cost saving with the SMS R1.

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Rebo Systems is established in 1976 and has a loyal, knowledgeable and time served staff group. We are widely recognized in Europe as a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist, industrial sign and labelling systems. We are dedicated to answering the s...