Pulsar’s newest outdoor noise measurement kit has been designed to quickly turn our popular Pulsar Nova handheld sound level meter into a continuous environmental noise monitor for mid to long-term outdoor use.

Our high performance Pulsar Nova is the ideal noise meter to measure noise outside as it includes data logging and octave band filters amongst a whole host of other features. The addition of the robust Nova weatherproof outdoor noise kit transforms them into versatile outdoor noise monitoring meters by offering everything you need to measure noise outside in any weather. The long internal battery life of the Nova is further complimented by the addition of up to two external rechargeable batteries meaning you can expect to have continuous 24/7 noise monitoring in place for at least 14 days at a time.

Typical applications for the WK3-N outdoor kit include:

  • Construction site noise monitoring
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Boundary noise monitoring
  • Outdoor entertainment noise monitoring
  • Other unattended outdoor noise measurements e.g. checking agreed noise limits have not been broken.

Key features of the WK3-N Nova outdoor kit:

Noise measurements in all weather and environments

  • Quickly converts your handheld sound level meter into an environmental monitor for 24/7 noise measurements for 14 days*.
  • Hermetically sealed pre-amplifier and associated circuitry allows you to take noise measurements outdoors in all weather conditions, including 99% humidity
  • The hard case protects your Pulsar Nova decibel meter from all weather, dust and environmental conditions, and has been designed to withstand the dangers and risks of construction sites too.
  • The windshield and bird spike protect the noise measurement microphone from weather and bird life.

Installation and usage

  • The lockable case is easy to transport and install at your noise measurement site.
  • Power is supplied via internal batteries and external power sources for flexibility.

*7 days with 1 battery, 14 days with 2 batteries subject to climatic conditions