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Protection and Preservation in One

SHOWA 707HVO: highly visible, safe for users and the planet

The inventors of the world’s first biodegradable single use nitrile glove now bring you a new addition to their biodegradable hand protection range: SHOWA 707HVO – a chemical resistant glove engineered with SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology (EBT), in high-visibility orange.

Investing in tomorrow

SHOWA, which translates to “finding a balance between different elements” in Japanese, has paved the way in biodegradable innovation within the PPE glove market. Driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the planet, a large proportion of our research is devoted to biodegradable products and to developing fibres that have no impact on the environment. In 2012, SHOWA’s Research & Development reached a major breakthrough with ECO BEST TECHNOLOGY® (EBT), resulting in the invention of the world’s first biodegradable single-use nitrile glove. From that moment, SHOWA defined itself as market leader in environmentally-friendly hand protection, continuing its investment to provide users with a green alternative to the products they know and love.

Protection and preservation in one

According to now President and COO, Richard Heppell, “we see an enormous increase in new and existing customers who are looking to replace their current purchases with more eco-friendly options, especially when it comes to PPE. When you look at countries like Germany and France, regulations are becoming stricter as well. Following the success of our chemical resistant 707 glove series, our R&D team designed a new 707 glove to help customers meet these regulations while still providing the best hand protection in the market.”


Crafted with SHOWA's revolutionary Eco Best Technology®, SHOWA 707HVO blends the best of single use and chemical resistant technology to deliver optimum fit, feel and comfort while protecting against chemicals. The 0.23mm thick unsupported, unlined biodegradable nitrile complies with EN ISO 374-1 (JKOPT) and 374-5, and is impermeable to protect against oils, hydrocarbons, grease, chemicals and abrasions. The 305mm long glove is chlorinated for easy donning and doffing, with a rolled cuff to prevent dirt from entering the glove. Typically to SHOWA, the gloves are manufactured using a unique hand former, allowing for a lightweight protection that fits like a second skin. The bisque finish on palm and fingers offers long-lasting grip and excellent tactility. Its fluorescent orange colour makes it highly visible and an excellent choice for food, janitorial or sanitation environments, or to separate applications on processing floors.

About Eco Best Techonlogy®

“The use of EBT in products helps preserve our planet without ever sacrificing performance. It accelerates each glove’s biodegradation process by up to 100 years, depending on the climate of the landfill. Considering the astronomical number of single use gloves used every day in hospitals, offices, schools and warehouses…every glove makes a difference!” states Marketing Director, Gil LeVerne. It accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent certified laboratories using internationally recognized test methods. EBT is composed of organic materials designed to make products attractive to microbial activity. Upon consuming the EBT material, these microorganisms excrete enzymes that depolymerize the nitrile. When disposed in landfills, the microorganisms consume, metabolize and break down EBT materials into three natural compounds— organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide. The final result is biogases and inert humus, otherwise known as fertilizer, which leaves zero waste behind.


For those concerned about the glove biodegrading during usage, R&D Manager Brian Mosely explains “EBT requires biologically active landfills for biodegradation. Which means gloves with EBT cannot even begin to biodegrade prior to disposal. These abilities have been validated by independent certified laboratories using ASTM International test methods (ASTM D5511).”

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