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Protecting Specialized Workers

Daletec able to offer high quality durable flame retardant fabrics

Daletec understands that Human safety is of utmost importance hence there cannot be any compromise on the quality of protective fabrics.

With continuous innovations and advanced technologies, Daletec has been able to offer high quality durable flame retardant fabrics with the FR properties to stay intact throughout the life of the garments. For each major industry where workers must have an appropriate protective gear, Daletec has developed an extensive range of flame-resistant fabrics to offer maximum protection.

A specialized range of heat resistant fabrics and fire-resistant fabrics, is available in Daletec’s existing workwear fabric range for Oil and Gas industry. If you are looking for flame retardant textiles for Oil and Gas industry then Daletec’s RigShield range is the perfect solution. Learn more about Daletec RigShield range @

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Daletec is the trusted Norwegian producer of flame retardant fabrics for clothing that protects against heat and flames, electrical arc and hot metal splash. We have pioneered unique processes and specialized FR treatments for more than 40 years, including imp...