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Protect Your Workforce From Deafness

Use ZenPlugs molded ear plugs to protect your hearing


Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the commonest cause of acquired deafness. Occupational NIHL has become far less common recently with the advent of Health And Safety Legislation.

It is now the legal responsibility of the employer to protect their employees against the problem. If the employer is deemed to be negligent in protecting them from harm they may be liable for damages and could be sued for financial compensation.

There are several ways in which companies can protect against hearing damage. The first is to reduce the noise levels present in the working areas. Isolation of noisy machines using sound proofing and distance can make sound volumes safer. Regular maintenance can also help to reduce ambient noise levels.

Secondly, reducing duration of exposure can help to reduce the risk of permanent damage to hearing. Workers should only spend as much time as is essential in areas where noise levels could be dangerous. If an extended time in the proximity of noisy machines is essential then they should be shut down, if possible. Regular breaks and shift changes will also reduce exposure.

Thirdly, using the right PPE to protect hearing is essential. ZenPlugs Molded PPE Ear Plugs are ideal for protecting hearing when noise volumes are dangerously high. Available from they have an SNR of 22 and are individually molded to each ear from a kit so are very comfortable, leading to higher levels of employee compliance. Uncomfortable ear plugs, such as foam varieties, often end up not being worn. The plugs don't expand, unlike foam ear plugs, so don't cause uncomfortable peessure or fall out. Added to the fact that they are antibacterial, they give the best all-round experience for users.

Developed with highly-renowned industrial designers Dufort Associates in Wadebridge, ZenPlugs also make sense for employers as they cost far less than disposable plugs in the long-run. Even if you buy foam plugs in bulk at 5p per pair the total cost still comes to £12.50 per year, per user, if only one pair is used daily. This is far more than the price of a set of ZenPlugs which will last for several years. They will be more comfortable than foam plugs and so more likely to be be worn all day.


Protect your workforce against noise-induced hearing loss with ZenPlugs Molded PPE Ear Plugs and you will have a higher level of compliance and save money at money at the same time.

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ZenPlugs Custom Molded PPE Ear Plugs are ground-breaking and innovative to give you the best ear plug experience possible. As they are molded to your ears from a kit they are superbly effective and comfortable, lasting for years and costing far less than havi...