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Protect More Than Your Hands With S-TEX 377

SHOWA's latest addition to the cut resistant series

Following the success of the ¾ nitrile-coated S-TEX 376 glove, SHOWA proudly launches the fully-coated S-TEX 377 version as a new addition to their premium cut-resistant S-TEX range.

The glove has been developed to meet customer demand, according to Sales Director Tony Lynch. “Our customers are very positive about the S-TEX 376, but also wanted a fully-coated version for environments where the user may encounter more than splash hazards. Thus, the need for a more robust level of protection.”

Comfort and safety go hand in hand with full nitrile coverage over S-TEX liner

Utilizing a double nitrile coating of film and foam nitrile, with extra foamed nitrile finish on the palm plus the patented Hagane Coil® fibres, the S-TEX 377 is another impressive product: EN 388: 2016 Cut Level 4/D, liquid resistant, strong grip under wet and light-oily conditions, ergonomic shape and thumb dexterity. It’s the perfect addition to the family, complementing its twin brother, S-TEX 376, with all the same benefits and features. The difference being the nitrile coating that extends onto the wrist for more liquid penetration protection.

The S-TEX 377 protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasions, with long-lasting grip performance under wet and oily conditions. The foam nitrile on the palm absorbs grease, then seals it in. Instead of becoming slippery, the air bubbles start to create a suction effect when the user applies pressure by grabbing onto something.

At the same time, the blue nitrile film layer repels water and oil off the back of the hand, making it a perfect glove for construction, manufacturing, metallurgy, logistics, glass and automotive industries.

The table below indicates how our coating provides superior grip in dry and oily environments.

Dry Oil
Foamed Nitrile Coating 1.08 0.18
Film Nitrile Coating 1.84 0.07
Nitrile All Coated Glove 0.74 0.06
PVC All Coating Glove 0.86 0.10

*Refers to 376 test result 2009

Unlike competitive products, the back side of the thumb has just a coated nitrile film layer which allows the thumb to move freely. This freedom of movement, combined with the ergonomic shape of SHOWA’s patented hand former greatly reduces hand fatigue with fit and flexibility.


Product overview:


High cut performance patented yarns reinforced with a double nitrile coating

  • Engineered Hagane Coil® fibre
  • EN 388: 2016 Cut Level 4 /D (19 Newton)
  • ANSI Cut Level A4
  • Double-dipped full nitrile coating, with an extra foamed nitrile finish on palm
  • 13 Gauge, seamless knit liner
  • Liquid-proof to end of coating
  • Anatomical hand shape design


Excellent cut protection performance combined with long lasting grip

  • Excellent cut resistance performance thanks to the liner engineered with patented Hagane Coil® technology: ISO 13997: D
  • Nitrile coating with a second foamed nitrile coating providing high abrasion resistance EN388: 4
  • Protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, with long lasting grip performance under wet and oily conditions
  • An ergonomically designed hand mould replicates the natural curvature of the human hand and thus reduces hand fatigue, increasing productivity and dexterity
  • Seamless knit for fit and comfort

Hagane Coil® steel protection:

With Hagane Coil® technology we can provide high levels of cut resistance without sacrificing comfort. Hagane Coil® utilizes a unique coiling technique that binds an attending yarn to a stainless steel core. The integrated steel core provides better protection than any natural or synthetic fibers, yet it is thin enough to allow flexibility and free movement as the hand bends and flexes. By utilizing different composite yarns, we can create a different wearing experience. Soft yarns and stainless steel combinations offer more comfort and dexterity, while hard yarns and stainless steel offer superior protection and durability. It is a combination that offers maximum protection, comfort and performance.

A superior family of cut protection gloves

The S-TEX range now consists of 7 premium cut resistant gloves, all offering a cut protection level D up to F. This allows SHOWA to cater to high-risk environments in the automotive, construction, glass, metallurgy and mechanical industries. To discover the full range of S-TEX cut protection gloves, please visit

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