Vehicles release CO and NO2 during the initial start-up. These gases can accumulate in the closed parking areas and enclosed spaces. You should check CO and NO2 gases constantly in these areas for health and safety reasons. CO can poison and cause deaths after 30ppm. NO2 is dangerous after 3ppm. If the ventilation in these areas is not adequate, CO and NO2 gases can reach high concentration levels and cause serious damages including nausea and vomiting.

Underground car park gas detection is generally suited for environmental safety and energy saving. We should note that the ventilation systems use a serious amount of electricity  if they work unceasingly. Let’s have a calculation. A car park of 9000mconsumes 245.000kw annually with 12-hour work. It is a high cost! That is why, the responsibles want to use a cost-effective solution as a caution in car parks. But there is a simple idea. Turn on the ventilation system only if there is a gas accumulation! Just set up a gas detection system which does not consume significant electricity and turn on the fans when there is a dangerous accumulation.  The annual usage of electricity of ventilation system in 9000m2 carpark goes down to 45.000kw as a rough estimation. Save 200.000kw in a year!

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization published “EN 50545-1” standards for the detection and measurement of toxic and combustible gases in car parks and tunnels. This standard established for the dangers in closed car parks and saving on energy. We perfectly designed a gas detection system according to this standard and certified by an accredited body.

Prosense provides special detectors to check CO and NO2 gas concentration in enclosed car parking areas. Detectors equipped with high-quality electrochemical sensors for the toxic gas detection that can show excellent results in ppm range for Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide.

Another important aspect is that you need a complete system with panels and other components because car parks need monitoring every zone one by one according to “EN 50545-1”. If gas accumulates in only one zone, you do not need to turn on all fans. You can just open the necessary fan to disperse the gas. Simple and smart! PPS+ series detectors have onboard RS 485 (Modbus) communication protocol that provides a great advantage for cabling and installation. Prosense PPS+ series gas detectors can connect to gas control panel which we developed specifically for car parks.

PPS Manager gas control panel can have up to 4 zone modules and each zone can check up to 32 detectors. A fully populated PPS Manager supports up to 128 different detectors. Flammable gas detector must be powered from external power supply as their power requirements are different from toxic gas detectors. But PPS Manager can recognize all automatically. There is no need to make any special settings for each detector.

Be sure that car park gas detection system “PPS+” is an affordable solution for Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide appropriately “EN 50545-1”.