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Pioneering Protection Into the Future

Research and development continues to expand into global market

Daletec is growing into our sixth decade as the leader in protective workwear fabric by keeping our focus on innovating to meet our customers’ emerging needs.

That pioneering research and development approach continues as we expand in global markets, provide protection for more niche industries, and create comfort in more extreme conditions.

There are many FR fabric producers. Daletec aims to be the best – by demonstrating how consistently providing high-quality products and service at competitive terms always delivers the greatest value for our customers.

Daletec will continue growing and evolving. Our commitment to end-user safety remains our first priority, and contributing to our customers’ success remains our most important purpose.


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Daletec is the trusted Norwegian producer of flame retardant fabrics for clothing that protects against heat and flames, electrical arc and hot metal splash. We have pioneered unique processes and specialized FR treatments for more than 40 years, including imp...