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PCE Instruments Launched New Sound Level Meter

New software for existing sound meters also released

PCE Instruments recently launched a new and very unique noise level meter with a 10 inch colour display. This new noise meter works as a sound level meter in the traditional way as it is equipped with a sound measuring microphone, but also shows the user the loudest source of noise.

The light-weight noise meter PCE-MSV 10 is very easy to use. It can measure sound levels of 30 … 130 dBA and has a frequency range of 20 … 20000 Hz. This makes this meter a helpful tool for applications in manufacturing, machine and equipment design, preventive maintenance, research and development and many other areas. The results gained with the help of the PCE-MSV 10 can be used to take the right health and safety precautions for workers affected by noise pollution.

The time zone and menu language can be set by the user. As menu language, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean or Chinese are selectable. The images and videos recorded can be saved to the noise level meter’s 1 GB RAM and transferred to a computer via WLAN for further analysis.

Each PCE-MSV 10 comes with a handy carrying case, the mentioned evaluation software and an English user manual.

The PCE-MSV 10 is not the only news when it comes to PCE Instruments’ sound level meters. PCE’s software engineers are currently working on a new software for the class II decibel meter PCE-322 A, one of the company’s best-selling noise meters. This sound meter has several functions such as a MAX/MIN function, a Hold function, some alarm functions, fast and slow time weighting and A and C frequency weighting and with the new software, it will also be able to calculate the LEQ. The PCE-322 A can measure noise levels of between 30 and 130 dB, at an accuracy of ±1.4 dB.

The PCE-322A comes with a wind noise suppressor, a USB cable, a mini tripod, a calibration screwdriver, a battery, a mains adaptor, a carrying case and a user manual.

For further information on sound level meters by PCE Instruments, please see


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