Most PIDs suffer from low readings when humidity is high, due to quenching by water vapor, or drifting high readings at high RH, can also occur when the sensor becomes contaminated.

This drifting rise in readings is particularly prominent when doing soil headspace measurements, or in high humid environments, where an instrument calibrated in an air-conditioned building is brought outside into humid air often approaching 100% RH.

Compensating for humidity effects is never as accurate as having a sensor that is inherently unaffected by humidity.

ION Science has solved this issue with a combination of a fence electrode and an anti-contamination system design, whereby the sensor is protected by diffusion of the gas through a filter.

This feature makes ION Science PIDs especially useful for such applications as soil headspace analysis during environmental clean-ups, where the samples are both highly humid and prone to dirt and dust contamination, which create severe problems for other PIDs.

The ION Science Tiger handheld VOC detector is a revolutionary handheld gas detection instrument for the rapid, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the harshest of environments.

Tiger incorporates the ION Science patented photoionisation detection (PID) sensor technology with humidity resistance and anti-contamination design, proven to dramatically extend run time in the field.

Tiger provides a dynamic detection range of 0 to 20,000 parts per million (ppm) with a minimum sensitivity of 0.001ppm (1 ppb), offering the widest measurement range of any other VOC detector on the market.

This handheld VOC detector has the fastest response time on the market of just two seconds and is just as quick to clear down. The instrument can be connected directly to a PC via the USB offering extremely fast data download capabilities.

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