Panoramic mask UNIX 6100 (silicone) with bayonet connection of UNIX filters. The mask is distinguished by low weight (not more than 480 g), low profile (combined with protective helmets) and glass with protection from fogging and scratches. It is intended for use as a part of the filtering gas mask.


Panoramic masks UNIX 6100 with filters of UNIX series provide effective protection of face, respiratory organs and eyes from the effects of gases, vapors and aerosols. The mask is comfortable and reliable in operation. It has three sizes: 1, 2 and 3. On the frontal part of the seal there is a figure indicating the size of mask.


The mask consists of durable panoramic glass, frame, silicone face seal, valve box with exhalation valve and speech device, silicone inner mask with inhalation valves, silicone head harness. It has two side nodes connecting filters with bayonet mount.


  • Strength and comfort (parts of the mask that contact with face and head of user are made of hypoallergenic silicone);
  • increased field of vision (large polycarbonate glass provides panoramic view);
  • non-misting glass (due to the presence of inner mask, which prevents fogging and reduces the content of carbon dioxide in the inhaled air);
  • good speech intelligibility, the ability to negotiate (due to the presence of the negotiation membrane);
  • quick and reliable bayonet connection;
  • low weight (not more than 480 g).

Shelf life

5.5 years