When you require a gas detection system that is not only easy to use but also cost-effective and has a small footprint, then the all-new TOCSIN 635 mounted gas detection control panel is your solution. The 635 builds upon the success of our ground-breaking 2-Wire Addressable technology.

We understand that not all applications require multiple gas detectors and that some applications may only require 1 or 2 detectors and a simple setup. After listening to our customer needs, our engineering team has developed a small format and economical mounted gas detection control panel. The 635 is supplied in two formats depending on the client’s needs, either as the MICRO or the PLUS.

Easy to Install and Setup, Mounted Gas Detection Control Panel

The TOCSIN 635 is designed to be easy to install and setup, with clients able to install the systems themselves without the need for installation and commissioning engineers. Featuring the industry exclusive, 1 click automatic system setup which finds all detectors and sets these up automatically. All detectors are interconnected together on a single 2-Core cable highway to reduce installation costs. The 635 still has the option to have any number of sensors we provide. Thus, making the TOCSIN 635 an incredibly versatile mounted gas detection control panel, suitable for a wide variety of industries.  

Feature Rich

The TOCSIN 635 mounted gas detection control panel is packed full of features. First and foremost, the TOCSIN 635 features the industry’s first One-Click Automatic Alarm and System Setup. This means that with just one click of the button the TOCSIN 635 will automatically find all connected devices and create a system cause and effect. This drastically reduces commissioning time and more importantly potential human error, which is a drawback for current 4-20mA analogue systems.

Secondly, the TOCSIN 635 is provided with on board relays for remote connection to fire alarm and building management systems (BMS). The PLUS variant has more assignable relays for a solenoid valve or audible visual alarm connections.

Finally, the other two features are the illuminated jog wheel which provides at a glance systems and alarm status, and the onboard Wi-Fi. This onboard Wi-Fi enables users to set up the system on the PLUS model or download alarm events. All these features further enhance the capability of your gas detection system. To learn more about the features check out the video at the end of this blog post.

TOCSIN 635 mounted gas detection control panel
Pictured: TOCSIN 635 gas detection control panel using built in wifi module for calibration and service reports

What is the Difference Between the PLUS and MICRO?

TOCSIN 635 MICRO – the MICRO can have up to 8 devices on a single, 2-Core cable highway and is one of the most economical control panels on the market. Designed for simple applications that do not require any complicated setups or custom alarm levels. The controller can be installed and set up by clients without requiring a costly commissioning engineer. The 635 MICRO has 3 onboard relays and the cause and effect cannot be changed.

TOCSIN 635 PLUS – Designed for slightly larger applications with up to 32 detectors on a single 2-Core cable highway. The TOCSIN 635 PLUS still features our exclusive 1 click automatic alarm and system setup, however, clients also have the option to change alarm levels or change the system setup if required via the onboard Wi-Fi pages. Also, the PLUS features 4 fully assignable relays.Check Out the TOCSIN 635 Product Page Here

Designed for Small to Medium Size Applications

The TOCSIN 635 is designed for simple installations and thus can be installed and commissioned by the client’s facilities teams. This makes it the ideal cost-effective solution for gas monitoring. Some of the common applications include:

  • Cryogenics or lack of oxygen – The TOCSIN 635 is ideal for MRI rooms; cryogenic storage applications or medical and laboratory applications where inert gases are used.
  • Beverage Industry – Even if you are in a brewery, winery, or distillery or are a bar owner using CO2 and Nitrogen gases, the 635 is ideal. The MICRO is ideal for the smaller bar cellars and breweries while the PLUS suits the larger sites.
  • Boiler rooms/Plant rooms – these applications can range from 1-2 detectors for CH4 and CO to wider sites such as swimming pool plant rooms or large boiler complexes. Again the 635 mounted gas detection control panel is the ideal solution for both.
  • Battery Store – Whether you have an onsite battery backup store or install these backup systems; the area will still require hydrogen detectors (Lead Acid) or Hydrogen fluoride detectors (lithium-ion batteries). These areas can range from small rooms/containers to larger rooms. The versatility of the TOCSIN 635 makes it the perfect gas detection solution.  Read our article on battery stores here.
  • Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration – most commercial cold stores only require a small number of detectors and simple cause and effects. This is where the TOCSIN 635 MICRO is the ideal affordable solution for leak detection in commercial refrigeration. For industrial refrigeration applications, the PLUS is more suitable, as clients require many detectors and configurable cause and effect.

Even if you require 1 or 2 detectors to 32 detectors, the TOCSIN 635 mounted gas control panel is your ideal solution. Designed to be incredible user-friendly, versatile, and budget-friendly. Our video below tells you all about its features. Contact our team today for your gas detection needs.

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