Sai Global

2020 has presented us a new set of risks nobody was ready for. The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined what “risk-readiness” and “operational resilience” mean in the face of new, constantly evolving threats and changes.

As your organization works through the stages of risk response, it’s business as unusual. SAI360 2020 Release 2 from SAI Global focuses on the most helpful technology and learning content to ride this wave of uncertainty. 

SAI360 for EHS solution can be easily adapted to manage new risks presented by a crisis, such as the pandemic, without losing sight of other operational risks and responsibilities. A new COVID-19 Case Management and Self-Assessment modules with pre-configured checklists to assist EHS professionals was included in this release and both are available SAI Global’s mobile app Roam. 

We will overcome this crisis, but the business landscape will change. Investors will focus on financial performance as well as sustainability performance that demonstrates environmental, health, social, and governance responsibilities. Future investments companies make to mitigate the economic impacts of this crisis must therefore align with measurable sustainability initiatives and goals.

The latest release also included a new Sustainability Metric module, which enables organisations to effectively track sustainability metrics, automate data collection, monitor sustainability performance against defines goals and demonstrate performance for greater transparency with insightful reporting.