New human disinfection / sanitizing decontamination misting shower tunnel from IST Safety to support your COVID-19 precautions.

Our new ISTEC® Type BIO Human Disinfection / Sanitizing Decontamination Misting Shower which has been launched to support your COVID-19 precautions by IST Safety Ltd in May, 2020 provides an effective sanitation during removal of the PPEs in workplaces and helps to reduce bacterial and viral infection risks of human by installing in public areas such as entrance of malls, buildings, hospitals etc.

The system operates automatically by its sensors without having touched when the user enters inside the tunnel. 

Decontamination continues for 10 seconds. After a 10-second operating time, the spray nozzles stop spraying and the user leaves the tunnel.

With its standard 40L, 316SS tank which filled with water and disinfectant solution mixture at a certain rate, the unit provides 100 minutes decontamination in total that means 600 users to be sanitized, based on 10 seconds sanitizing per person.

The unit’s main advantage is less water consumption during decontamination thanks to its special nozzles which mists the water. 

Another advantage of the unit is that its modular structure that can be customized on design with its wide range of standard and optional accessories. We offer high quality portable or fixed type systems. 

All our products are guaranteed against production and workmanship defects for a period of 24 months.

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