Certified to both EN397 and EN12492 with integrated eye protection


The EVO® VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ helmet provides the perfect solution and protection for those needing both Head Protection for working at ground level and working at height combined with Eye Protection in the form of a lens or shield which is fully integrated and fully compatible.

Combining the new EVO®VISTA™ retractable eyewear helmet technology with the innovative DUALSWITCH™ chinstrap harness system, it is easy for the wearer to switch between working at ground level standard EN397 and working at height safety standard EN12492 by flicking a switch.

At the same time, the EVO® VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ helmet provides individuals with compatible integrated Optical class 1 eye protection which is fully retractable when not in use and cannot be lost by the user or damaged on site after issue. Wearers can wear their own spectacles under the lens or shield saving additional costs to companies for prescription safety eyewear.

The EVO® VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ Helmet offers the choice of either a VISTAlens™ or VISTAshield™ depending on the levels of protection and performance required.

Select the EVO® VISTAlens™ DUALSWITCH™ Optical class 1 overspec for an unobstructed wide view lens conforming to EN166.1.FT.KN providing F rated impact protection – tested with 6mm steel ball bearing at speeds of up to 100mph (160kph), even at extreme temperatures with anti-scratch and anti-mist coatings. Or choose the EVO®VISTAshield™ DUALSWITCH™ Optical class 1 eyeshield which offers a clear panoramic view conforming to EN166.1.AT.KN providing A rated impact protection – tested with 6mm steel ball bearing at speeds of up to 425mph (685kph), even at extremes of temperature with anti-scratch and anti-mist coatings.

The EVO® VISTA DUALSWITCH™ range has been designed to be fully compatible with JSP respirators such as the Force™8 PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmet-mounted ear defender range.

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