The brand launches the high-level technical anti-cutting models: Pic-Cut®, GripCut® and RobustoLux®, combining very high mechanical resistance and cut resistance, which makes them perfect for use in the wood industry, handling of glass or sheet metal, handling of waste and recycling, handling of small sharp pieces, automotive, etc.

Available with different levels of cut protection, they offer the highest possible resistance to abrasion (they have withstood up to 8,000 cycles, reaching the highest level 4 according to EN 388) and tear (75N, level 4). All models offer a high degree of comfort and grip as well as excellent protection against drilling in those jobs where sharp objects are handled or exposed to injuries to the fingers or hands.

The long life and breathability of the product is due to the manufacture with innovative fibers and the technology of lamination for an optimal adaptation to the hand. They also benefit from

LongLife® and MVP Technology®. The first reduces the risk of tearing the seams and breaking, offering a new generation of gloves more durable and comfortable. MVP Technology® ensures the breathability of the fabric, preventing moisture from entering the glove, resulting in a high MVP (Moisture Vapor Permeability) value, which adds to the glove a very high breathability and therefore greater comfort.


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