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New Campaign Released on Occupational Accidents

Do It Now campaign started to make sure accidents are reported

Occupational accidents must be reported, but nevertheless about half of all occupational accidents in Denmark will never be reported. A new campaign must help to correct it.

The employer is obliged to report accidents at work. This ensures employees the best possible if they are to be compensated, and it strengthens preventive work. But studies indicate that about half of all accidents are not reported.

Therefore, a wide range of organizations today launches a campaign under the heading "Do it Now!" To help ensure that more accidents are reported.

Behind the campaign is the Working Environment Council, the Labor Inspectorate, the five branch communities for the working environment, the labor market occupational safety and the Knowledge Center for the Working Environment.

Chairman of the Working Environment Council Lisbeth Lollike says:

"Both employers and employees are interested in reporting more accidents at work. The reviews are, inter alia, a prerequisite for making good preventive work. Therefore, I am pleased that with this joint campaign, we are aware that work accidents must be reported and that it is the employer's responsibility to do so. "

Employment Minister Troels Lund Poulsen backs up on the campaign. He says:

"It is by no means correct that so many occupational accidents today are not reported as they should. I am therefore pleased that this campaign is now being launched. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that occupational accidents are reported and the campaign helps to alert them to this responsibility and to understand the rules. "

Myths and lack of knowledge behind under-reviews

The missing reports are due, according to a survey conducted by the Danish Labor Inspectorate, both myths and lack of knowledge.


The survey shows that employers may find it difficult to assess what should be notified and not notified. In addition, there are some myths about the review rules.

One of the myths is that it is only the serious accidents with long absence due to be reported. But that's not true. Although the accident looks like a trifle, it is important to consider whether it should be notified. Then the employee is ensured the best possible if he or she is to be compensated for permanent loss or loss of employment.

The campaign aims to deal with the myths and spread knowledge about what and how to report.


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The Danish Working Environment Authority is the Danish Agency for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Working Environment Act sets the overall framework for the work of the Danish Working Environment Authority.