Our ever popular 50 range of gloves has now been upgraded from cut E to maximum cut level F protection. With increased puncture resistance on the 50-6121 foam nitrile style, it’s our most robust, high performance range of coated gloves to date.

As cut resistance specialists our aim is to always deliver best in class cut protection for high hazard applications, keeping hands safe. We’ve re-engineered the Rhino Yarn™ technology composition to increase the level of mechanical protection without compromising on weight or dexterity.  

Re-engineering this middleweight 10 gauge range alongside the recent launch of our innovative 18 gauge cut level F, we can now offer level F maximum cut protection to EN388:2016 from heavy duty 7 gauge right through to ultra-lightweight and fine. This means we can deliver the cut protection you need; in the weight and style you need no matter the application or task at hand.

Tilsatec is a UK glove manufacturer specialising in cut resistant hand and arm protection. Working closely in partnership with customers, we design and develop PPE solutions from the ground up to ensure maximum performance/cost efficiencies, engineering high levels of performance and mechanical protection into all our products.

Tilsatec not only produce finished items of PPE but the Rhino Yarn™ technology which goes into our products is manufactured on site here in the UK. Whenever you see the Rhino Yarn™ mark it means a product has been made using our own yarn technology. With this comes the assurance of full quality control, process traceability and performance efficiencies built in at every level.

Rhino Yarn™️ technology is an engineered yarn process that combines various technical fibres and materials. Such materials can be used on their own, but when blended together to create a composite yarn, can achieve significantly higher levels of cut protection, without compromising on comfort or dexterity.

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