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Leading Europe in Women’s Safety Footwear

Right boot, right job

Protective footwear brand, Amblers Safety, is playing a key role in attracting women to the construction and industrial sectors starting feet first. A commitment to encouraging gender equality amongst the workplace starts with specialist safety equipment being available to the female workforce in women’s sizes. Working alongside diversity champion, Sophie Lydia Smith, the European safety footwear label has committed to increasing their PPE offering to women in the workplace.

The British brand is leading the UK in women’s safety footwear with over 15 different safety footwear styles crafted in a dedicated women’s fit and a noteworthy offering of over 40 different unisex safety boots and shoes giving more choice and innovation. The collection meets Amblers Safety philosophies of ‘tough, working, comfort’, whilst remaining at an affordable price for the everyday worker.

Amblers Safety is designed and distributed from south-west England by safety footwear and workwear distributor, Footsure Western Ltd. The specialist team behind the brand work closely with Sophie Lydia Smith to expand the current safety footwear range with a specific focus on women working in the construction and surveying environments. The introduction of the Amblers Safety FS706 Sophie work shoe and AS601C Lydia safety boot has enabled Sophie to embrace her ambition of inspiring more women into construction.

Sophie Smith works as a building surveyor with Atkins Global with a decade experience in the surveying profession behind her. She recognises that there has been and still is a real issue with the lack of women in the profession and is motivated to drive a change in the industry. Her contribution to this has been substantial including a weekly column, giving talks to schools, colleges, universities, as well as work place professional trade shows and has had a number of national television appearances. Sophie continuously challenges the “one-size-fits-all” approach to personal protective equipment in industry to ensure people are made to feel welcome in the careers they choose.

Sophie Lydia Smith says, 'The industry I work in does not reflect the nation; the statistics for women in the Construction Industry is embarrassingly low and I believe a huge barrier for women is 'not fitting in' this starts with PPE. I had nothing to wear that fitted me but everything did fit my male counterparts. Working with Amblers Safety they develop safety shoes for all and their extensive female range allows me to wear smart, comfortable and well-fitting safety shoes. I hope this will open more opportunity for diversity in male dominated industries and ultimately make women feel like they 'fit in'.”

Ben Gardiner, Buying Director at Footsure Western Ltd says, “By expanding our product offering we are taking Amblers Safety to new markets and appeal to young professionals like Sophie Lydia Smith. We’re very proud that our safety footwear label is recognised as having a diverse brand portfolio with a large range offering. Our ethos is to constantly explore new ways to utilise and deliver the latest technology and infuse those concepts with style and functionality.”

For more information on Amblers Safety and women’s safety footwear, contact Footsure Western Ltd on +44 1452 727300 or alternatively email


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Amblers Safety is a leading British safety footwear brand that offers all-day comfort with plenty of ruggedness. With over 30 years of safety boot expertise, we know all about protecting you at work in a stylish and dependable way. Amblers Safety Footwear have...