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Latchways WinGrip System

Fall Protection in the aerospace industry

MSA is excited to introduce the Latchways WinGrip System. This vacuum-based fall protection solution is ideal for use in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance environments and inspection. Workers wearing full body harnesses attach to the system via work positioning ropes, enabling hands-free maintenance access.

WinGrip is quick to install, simple to use and is suitable for work inside the hangar and outside on the apron. It can be fixed to wings, fuselage or stabilizers. The System runs on compressed air or nitrogen with no electrical requirement.

The WinGrip range consists of four systems and has been designed in a modular way, incorporating interchangeable components, giving the end user more choice and flexibility when resolving worker fall protection issues. This system's flexibility and reliability minimizes downtime and cost of ownership.

WinGrip is approved and used by all major aircraft manufacturers including Boeing and Airbus.

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