As winter and the busiest season of the year approaches, businesses and premises owners can feel the pressure of demand for product building up as Christmas and the New Year approach.

Not only that but keeping your staff and premises safe throughout the dark, icy yet hectic month can be an added stress on top of an increase in business demand. Here are the keyways that you can keep your premises safe throughout the festive period:

Add deterrents around the premises

Customer claims figures(1) show a 34% average in burglary increases when the clocks go back in October, meaning your home and work premises need to be significantly more secure at this time of year, whilst putting extra security in place to deter potential burglars.

If you’re concerned about how secure your premises are, be sure to invest in technology such as sensors and outdoor cameras for around the car parks, gates and specific focus on the main entrance points. As so many construction workers and staff enter and leave large premises and work sites daily depending on shift patterns and contracts, ensure that ID cards or fobs are given to staff to enter the grounds and building, so there is an electronic log of everyone entering and leaving each day; this will decrease the chances of any staff putting business security at risk if they are logged as working on site.

”Keep a document listing the names of management who are in charge or securing the premises on each shift on every working day. ”

Ensure only managers can open and close the premises

When there are many employees in your business, it can become confusing as to who oversees keys, opening and closing the building when workers are starting or finishing shifts. To enhance security not only around Christmas, but year-round for your construction business, keep a document listing the names of management who are in charge or securing the premises on each shift on every working day. This will make identifying any issues with safety and security easier to manage if only a handful of trusted employees are assigned to this responsibility.

Fix any faulty or broken locks and fixtures

Many burglars find easy access through unlocked doors and windows, so be sure to replace yours if they’re not in good shape. It’s important to replace windows and doors that aren’t as strong as they used to be, as well as broken locks, as this creates another deterrent for a burglar if they can’t access a building quickly.

Secure and strong windows and doors are vital for any building premises, so invest in products that will last years. Products that are made to deliver the most advanced levels of security while being practical and have all the safety features needed. Windows such as uPVC sash windows from Quickslide can be upgraded to meet all the requirements of PAS 24, which is ideal if you are wanting maximum security fixtures.

Keep your staff’s valuables safe

Keeping the inside of your building safe is just as important as warning off intruders from the outside. Ensure that workers feel safe by offering safes and lockers for contractors to use for their valuables, especially if your business takes on more staff around Christmas time to keep up with product demand.

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