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Join our Chemical Suit Selection Study Day

Learn about permeation and how to select the best chemical suit


Selecting the best chemical suit for the job, so workers are properly protected but comfort is maximised and cost minimised, involves more than just considering simplistic chemical permeation test data.

Our chemical suit selection study day is an interactive learning experience useful for distributor sales personnel and end users involved in specifying chemical suits.

Involving three dynamic sessions looking at factors involved in chemical suit selection, understanding permeation and safe-use time calculation and effective garment comparison, the day is a a unique opportunity to both learn from a leading chemical suit manufacturer and exchange knowledge and experience with other delegates involved in chemical suit selection.

Just don’t expect to sit at the back and listen to boring presentations… this is an interactive day in which you can contribute at least as much as you can learn…

Previous delegate comments:-

"It was not a traditional training session... working in mixed groups gave us different angles to come up with our own creative solutions... it was very instructive and effective in developing a better understanding of this sometimes complicated topic. And of course not to forget... it was fun!" Filip Jambon, Product Manager, Vandeputte BV. (major PPE Distributor, Benelux)

"It was an exciting and inspirational day. The approach was animated and above all a very good way to stimulate experience exchange with other users. Personally it was better than common networking during other training sessions and seminars" Dennis Nijsmans, Preventieadvisor, Enjie Electrabel, Belguim

Our next study day is at the Fire Training College, Gloucestershire on Tuesday 25th April. Attendance is free of charge.

Contact Peter Rimmer on or click here for more information

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