Whether sweltering hot, freezing cold, wet or dry, applications require the same system efficiency to achieve the most reliable and repeatable performance. This means, regardless of environmental conditions sensors must always perform at their optimum best.

Many sensors on the market can be affected by changing environmental conditions e.g., humidity, temperature and dirt. However, measurement accuracy and stability must remain the same. This is critical in applications where the environment is likely to change, such as in industrial and appliance use.

The ION Science MiniPID 2 samples gas via diffusion through a hydrophobic membrane to minimise the amount of humidity and dirt that enters the sensor. Inside, the gas is ionised by deep ultraviolet (UV) light. The resulting ions are detected by the miniPID 2 and the signal is easily reported as a concentration (e.g., ppb, mg/m3).

To ensure there is no contribution to the signal from other sources, e.g., humidity and dirt, the miniPID 2 utilises Fence Electrode Technology (patented) to protect the detector.

Chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with an ionisation energy less than or equal to the UV energy of the PID (10.0, 10.6 or 11.7 eV) will be detected by the MiniPID 2.

Which Sensor is right for my application?

The MiniPID 2 Sensor is offered in five models having the guaranteed range of operation below (isobutylene equivalent). They are insensitive to humidity changes, providing unparalleled performance in a variety of applications:

MiniPID 2 10.6 eV HS 0.5 ppb to 4 ppm
MiniPID 2 10.6 eV PPB 1 ppb to 50 ppm
MiniPID 2 10.6 eV PPM 100 ppb to 6,000 ppm
MiniPID 2 10.0 eV 5 ppb to 100 ppm
MiniPID 2 11.7 eV 100 ppb to 100 ppm

All ION Science Sensors include patented Fence Electrode Technology for industry leading humidity resistant performance and anti-contamination design protecting the Sensor from moisture, dust and aerosols.

Please visit www.ionscience.com or email [email protected] for a comprehensive list of response factors for various VOCs and discuss how we can help you find the Sensor variant best suited to your needs.